Home Office Remodel

Spring 2005

The last room in the house to be reworked, our home office was also the most color-deprived room.  The walls were getting a bit dingy, the green marble-wannabe counter was oh-so-yesterday, and those nasty, hard-to-clean mini-blinds had to go!  So, here's the "before" shot of the room:

How our home office used to look

And one of the biggest gripes we had with our home office was that the chairs didn't move well on the thick carpet.  We'd tried using those plastic mats to help but those developed ruts and began cracking quickly.  We decided that the best solution might be to rip up the carpet then stain and seal the concrete slab underneath to look a bit like natural stone.  We thought this would provide a smooth & durable surface and have a distinctive look at the same time.  So, carpet removal begins...

The first bold cut is made

Under the carpet, we found vinyl tile...

Old vinyl tile was hiding under the carpet

Under the tile, we found some nasty black adhesive...

Very tough tile adhesive

After some time with solvents, a scraper, & wire brush, we had to admit defeat - the thick old tile adhesive was just too tough for us.  Time for Plan B.  We had considered several other flooring materials and were really leaning towards going with Pergo-style wood laminate flooring - until we found out the big price difference between that and carpet.  So we went to see our trusty friends at Pinner Carpets. While waiting on the carpet, we got busy with repainting the room... Dede chose Mango Gold paint to brighten things up a bit.

Dede rocks 'n rolls

That's "Mr. Baseboards" to you!

Painting is done...

Mango Gold paint as far as the eye can see!

So it was time to replace the cruddy old aluminum windows with some nice new Traco vinyl windows.

New Traco vinyl windows

The Pinner Carpets guys waste no time installing carpet in our home office and replacing the high-traffi hallway sections too.

Pinner Carpet's installers get busy!

The completed carpeting looks great!  We used commercial-grade low-pile carpet but had padding installed underneath to make it a bit more comfy & springy to walk on than normal.  The carpet is tan but with little flecks of  several other colors, so it ties in well with Dede's Mango Gold paint.

The new carpeting is in!

The new computer desks are assembled & in place...

Rob relaxing at the new workstation

Dede's desk

We replaced the clunky old 17" CRT monitors with shiney new Dell 19" LCD screens. Our eyes couldn't be happier! And Rob got into "OCD" mode tidying up the cables.

Rob's workstation  Cabling is nice & tidy

Added a California Closets roll-around garage organizer from Target to serve as a printer stand and hold office supplies. We painted the butcher-block top a pewter color to match the semi-industrial look of the room. (Notice the drapes? They're actually cloth shower curtains!)

California Closets garage organizer cart

And finally, we made it to Ikea Frisco for a Lycksele chair that doubles as comfy guest bedding.

Ikea Lycksele chair  The Ikea Lycksele chair turns into a comfy guest bed

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