Our Kitchen Remodel

11/11 - 12/18/2002

The trouble begins...


Before (Photo 2)

Day 1 - old cabinets gone & new window in place!

Day 2 - not much change in the kitchen but here are the new cabinets

Day 3 - new ceiling lighting

Day 4 - finally....some progress

Day 5 - Cabinet installation

Day 5 (Photo 2)

Day 6 - Walls are textured - time to paint!

Day 6 - ...and paint... (Photo 2)

Day 7 - let the purple begin!!!

Day 8 - Countertop base goes on!

Day 8 (Photo 2)

Day 9 - New knobs &handles, also notice the new doors

Day 10 - Tile has been installed, also notice the cabinet ends.

Day 15 - under cabinet lighting

Day 16 (Photo 1) - BAM!  Emeril's ready to cook

Day 16 (Photo 3)

Day 18 - Moving stuff back in

Day ? - (12/10/2002) - The new cabinet above the fridge arrives!

12/18/2002 - The kitchen is finished just in time for holiday baking.

01/02/2003 - Our first romantic dinner of the year. (Notice the beveled countertop edging? This is the only picture it shows up in.)

With Topper's help, we changed the fabric on the barstools.

Material Swatches!

Ralph Lauren Canyon Iris paint

Ralph Lauren Canyon Iris paint

Mills Pride Hartford Maple cabinets

Mills Pride Hartford Maple cabinets

Wilsonart Nexus Grey laminate

Wilsonart Nexus Grey laminate

Cotto Ceramica Moonstone tile

Cotto Ceramica Moonstone tile

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