One of the most striking features in the kitchen at our old house was the accent wall done in purple (Ralph Lauren Canyon Iris) paint. It was Dede’s design decision that I gritted my teeth and just went along with at the time. Before long though, I came to love it just as much as she did and we both really enjoyed the surprised reaction and comments that the vibrant color brought from visitors.

So, we were determined to bring that punch of purple color with us to the new house, but the kitchen at Kirkwood Manor doesn’t have wall space to pull that off well. But the dining room, well, the vaulted ceiling there was already painted burgundy which we weren’t crazy about about, so that seemed like the perfect place to bring in a little taste of the old house to the new one.

A purple ceiling? Well yeah, it’s bold, but in context of the eclectic tastes of the previous owners, it didn’t seem all that outlandish:

dining room

So, Ryan & I got busy painting. The crown molding and vaulted contour made for some tricky and tedious work on that. And it’s equally tough to photograph well since the purple color shifts wildly depending on the time of day, the lighting, and your vantage point. But the end result looks incredible—the Canyon Iris purple really pops out against the glossy white trim:

purple vaulted ceiling

The original chandelier remained a problem though. Even without the jewel-embellished, zebra striped shades, the rustic styled (French Country?) fixture wasn’t our style at all.

rustic dining room chandelier

But every new brushed nickel light we saw was far too expensive, so I waited & watched for several months until I found one that was the right scale, look, and available at a price that we could stomach. We got a great deal through a web-based lighting & decor showroom called Bellacor:

brushed nickel dining room chandelier

The walls remain bare and the large room still seems a bit empty with our minimal furniture in there, so watch for more photos as our dining room progresses!