Given that our old 2Dolphins Resort & Spa didn’t have any kind of entry to separate the front door from the living areas, we were thrilled that our new house (a.k.a. Kirkwood Manor) does have a fairly large formal foyer.

However, the main wall of that entry was mirrored from floor to ceiling, which gave it a bit of a ‘dated’ feel:


So, one of the first handful of post-move-in projects we tackled at the new house was to pull down the mirrors.

But after those were removed, the wall had lots of glue residue and was badly scuffed, so the wall had to be floated and re-textured. And finally, crown molding & baseboard needed to be added to match the adjoining walls.

Our ever-ready handy guy Truett took care of all of that, so all that was left was for us to prime and paint everything and add our own touches:

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