Pearls Before Swine

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Not long ago, I stumbled across the hilarious comic strip Pearls Before Swine and it just clicked with me right away.   Well, just yesterday I discovered that the twisted & creative artist behind this, Stephan Pastis, writes a great blog that’s also named after the strip Pearls Before Swine.   (Okay, sometimes I’m a little slow.)

Even before I had read that Stephan, a former lawyer, credits classic comics as Berkeley Breathed’s Bloom County & Bill Watterson’s Calvin and Hobbes as influencing his work, I had already picked up on the similar sharp & snappy satire of the Pearls characters.   And you can easily tell that Pastis also draws plenty of warped inspiration from Scott Adams’ Dilbert and Gary Larson’s The Far Side.   He also pays homage to loads of other legendary comics by occasionally inserting their characters into the Pearls strip.

Pearls Before Swine - 02/21/2009

Pearls Before Swine - 03/12/2009

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Are You Aware?

Friday, April 25, 2008

RSS Awareness Day banner
You’ve no doubt seen the acronym "RSS" or the now-familiar little orange icon on some of your favorite websites, but do you know what it is?   Do you know what RSS feeds can do for you?

As I mentioned in my Lose Weight With RSS article a few months ago, an RSS feed reader allows you subscribe to, organize, & easily keep up with websites that feature regularly-updated content.   And you don’t have to remember all of those individual web address URLs.

Daniel Scocco over at DailyBlogTips has declared May 1st to be RSS Awareness Day in an attempt to help more people become familiar with RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feed reading & its benefits.   Head over to to learn more!

By the way, Google Reader is still my reader of choice and one of the features that I really like about it is the ability to share favorite blog posts with others.

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ProBlogger Today, Rolling Stone Tomorrow?

Monday, April 14, 2008

Hot on the heels of my first venture as a guest blogger over at NeonScent — well, hey, it only took 8 months — I’ve had another guest blog article published!   This time, I’m deeply honored that highly-esteemed professional blogger & author Darren Rowse chose to post an article of mine on his renowned ProBlogger, one of the foremost sites for blogging techniques, advice, & skill-building.

So, pop over to ProBlogger to check out Geoblogging - How to Geotag Your Blog for a look at a relatively new way to place your blog or website on the map — literally!

Now that I’ve had another tiny taste of fame, it makes me wonder what’s next... maybe the cover of the Rolling Stone?


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An Overdue Gratuity

Saturday, October 06, 2007

I’ve been remiss...

Each Sunday, Ed over at The Pisstakers tags 10 of the most recent MyBlogLog bloggers to visit his site prior and gives a nice mini review of one of their most recent articles.   Ed has graciously spotlighted 2Dolphins twice recently in his MyBlogLog Sunday posts and yet it’s taken me this long to jot down a quick "Thanks!"

It’s shameful, really...

Ed’s coverage of quirky stories from around the web is often laced with a stiff dose of humor & sarcasm.   (The term "pisstaker" is actually a British slang phrase meaning "To have a little fun at someone else’s expense.")The Pisstakers logo

So be sure to check out the The Pisstakers blog and maybe even subscribe to the RSS feed so you can keep on top of all the latest witty musings.


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A Challenge Answered

Monday, September 10, 2007

Kirk Blanchard at Just Thinkin’ issued a friendly challenge to fellow bloggers who’ve been around for a year or more to republish your first blog post.

Seemed like a fun & nostalgic glimpse at the humble beginnings of 2Dolphins, so I decided to take up the gauntlet...   (Dede just loves it when I dredge up obscure phrases like that!)   Yup, my first official Blogger post from Saturday, March 13th, ’04 is still online & oh-so-exciting:

Update:   Kirk posted a comment wondering if these were still available.   Well, yes they are and here’s a page where you can view the whole lineup of Victorinox SwissMemory multitools.

USB Swiss Army Knife

USB Swiss Army KnifeThe Register is reporting that Victorinox (the Swiss Army Knife people) and Swissbit (the USB memory people) will unveil at the German computer fair CeBIT next week the ultimate pocket tool for geeks...

The USB Swiss Army Knife comes in 64 & 128 megabyte versions.


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Guest Blogging

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Grace over at NeonScent put out a call back in mid-July for some guest blogger articles to help fill the void while she’s away for a few weeks in August.   I had a couple of ideas for blog posts that had been simmering in the pot but really weren’t a good fit here on 2Dolphins so, I submitted them for consideration...

You can follow this link to read my Blogging With Character blogging tip article that’s featured over on NeonScent.


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Blogathon 2007 - Charity Gets a Lift

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Blogathon 2007 logo

On July 28th, Blogathon 2007 kicks off across the blogosphere.   The annual grassroots fundraiser marathon founded by blogger Cat Connor has, since its inception, raised in excess of $225 thousand dollars for charitable organizations.

For his part in Blogathon ’07, Permian Basin blogger extraordinaire Jimmy Patterson will spend an entire 24-hours non-stop 30 feet in the air atop an industrial Genie scissor lift.   Yup, every 30 minutes, beginning Saturday at 8 a.m., Jimmy will write a blog entry.

Jimmy’s lofty goal (rimshot! is to raise $5,001 for Midland Fair Havens, a charitable organization which helps mothers & their children transition from bad relationships to a successful new start in life, addressing their educational, vocational, spiritual, & emotional needs in residential and non-residential settings.

If you’d like to make an online donation to Fair Havens on behalf of his efforts, you can sponser Jimmy for Blogathon 2007 or you can also drop by the Midland H-E-B parking lot (at the corner of Midkiff & Wadley) during the event to make a donation in person.   And be sure to check out Jimmy’s live webcast during the sleepless 24 hours at the Blogathon site.

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July Blogtipping

Monday, July 02, 2007

Blogtipping iconJuly is here already so it’s time for another round of Blogtipping.   Blogtipping, coined by Easton Ellsworth, is an opportunity to say 3 nice things (& offer 1 tip or suggestion) to 3 of your favorite bloggers.   So here are the sizzlin’ entries for this month:

Webomatica from Jason Kaneshiro covers the subjects of technology, movies, music, comics, television, bottle caps, and, well, just about anything else he can think of.   Webomatica keeps me coming back because...
  1. I really like Jason’s writing style and the blend of content.
  2. There’s a constant stream of new & interesting posts.
  3. Very clean & easy-to-navigate site design.

Rory Sullivan’s hamelife is billed as a site for parents who want to be different.   Spend much time there and you’ll find plenty to like:
  1. Rory’s slant on parenting aligns closely with the Love and Logic approach that Dede & I strongly endorse.
  2. I like the conversational tone and great sense of humor that Rory lends his posts.
  3. Plenty of parenting topics are covered, but there’s a variety of other interesting stuff too!
  • Tip: I’d like to see more photos!

Fortify Your Oasis by Rowan Manahan is a recent discovery which promptly made its way into my Google Reader list because of...
  1. Rowan’s interesting workplace & career insights & advice.
  2. He seems to dislike PowerPoint (the mindset, not the software) as much as I do!
  3. He had me hooked with the Rives’ If I Ruled the Internet video.
  • Tip: Great content, lots of pics, but if I had to nit-pick, I’d say the Blogger banner at the top needs to go!

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What's Another Word For Thesaurus?

Thursday, June 07, 2007

English is really quite a perplexing pickle, y’know.   Consider sheer size of its vocabularly, not to mention the diverse global influences that blend into this constantly-shifting linguistic amalgam.   It’s estimated that an average English-speaking college graduate’s vocabulary features upwards of 60,000 words.

A blogger, programmer, part-time researcher, & all-around clever guy who goes by the pseudonym "Cavebloggem" has been conducting an interesting study called "Which Words Do You Own?" to examine the average blogger’s vocabulary and get an idea of how many words are actually in use in the Blogosphere.   Analyzing a 15k word sample of his own Pretty Good on Paper blog, he found that, after weeding out typos, proper nouns, & other non-words, he used about 3,100 unique words.   Intriqued, he set out to poll one new blog about each week or so and watch the vocabulary tally grow.   As subsequent blog sites are surveyed, each adds their own set of unique words to the mix.

Fascinated by this, I volunteered 2Dolphins for inclusion in the study and now the results of Cavebloggem’s analysis of our site are in!   Drawing from blog posts from September ’05 through May ’07 - which, in itself, must’ve been quite a Herculean effort to compile - he found that we used nearly 5,600 different words in the sample.   We added a whopping 1,024 new words to the growing bloggers’ vocabulary total!   I can’t tell you how much that number warms my Roget’s Thesaurus-lovin’ heart and it’s quite an honor to have been included in this interesting experiment!


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Monday, June 04, 2007

Blogtipping iconThe past month was the third wettest and, with an average daily high of just under 68°, also among the coolest Mays on record.   But Summer’s finally stirring and the thermometer is inching perilously close to the century mark.   With these warmer, longer days, it’s not always easy to divvy up time for being cooped indoors surfing websites.   Even so, there’s no shortage of noteworthy blogs.   And Blogtipping is a chance to give three compliments — and offer one useful tip — to three fellow bloggers:

Connected Internet from British blogger Everton Blair covers gadgets, web development & marketing, computer gaming, gadgets, and a range of general technology news has a lot to offer:
  1. Very clean & easy-to-navigate site design.
  2. Features a steady stream of new & interesting tech content.
  3. Well-connected (pun intended!) with its reader base, CI even features a message forum.
  • Tip: Everton’s a bit enigmatic - I’d like to see him join in on the Face Behind the Blog meme so we can catch a glimpse of the wizard behind the curtain.

Fire Ant Gazette from West Texas blogger, Eric Siegmund is offered as "observations from a decidedly ordinary perspective," but I’ve found it to be uncommonly good because of...
  1. The conversational tone and wry wit.
  2. Post topics vary greatly but are often of local interest.
  3. Between the blog comment banter and his meeting with other area bloggers, Eric fosters a real sense of community.
  • Tip: Earlier this year, the blog featured more photos & I’d like to see that trend make a comeback.

Life Is Risky by Susan Driggers is a relatively new blog that I only just discovered a few days ago, but immediately made its way into my Google Reader subscription list due to:
  1. Thought-provoking content about writing, technology, & just generally-interesting stuff.
  2. Her promotion of community-building blog carnivals & friendly web marketing techniques.
  3. Although a revamp is forthcoming, the site layout is already clean & accessible.
  • Tip: As with the other Blogtippees this month, more photos and/or graphics could sure spice this site up.

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BlogCatalog Buzz

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Back in February, I wrote "Getting Noticed" about some of the website promotion efforts I’ve been trying here on 2Dolphins.   I’ve found another social networking directory site called BlogCatalog that’s a relatively new site making some big ripples in the blogosphere, thanks in no small part, to Mona Weathers’ BlogCatalog Buzz Experiment.   While similar to MyBlogLog, it offers a cleaner user interface, better navigation, & seems to be targeted less at MySpace types and more towards bloggers.   Give it a look and let me know what you think!


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May Blogtipping

Monday, May 07, 2007

We’ve commented often since it began that, with our Russian adoption journey, time has ceased to pass in increments of hours or days, but instead it ticks off in months.   Even so, it’s hard to believe we’re already back around at the first Monday of the month.   And with that, it’s time for May’s Blogtipping.

You may recall from my April Blogtipping post, this notion was originated (One year ago this month!) by Easton Ellsworth over at Business Blogwire as an opportunity to give three compliments — and offer one useful tip — to three noteworthy fellow bloggers.   So, here we go...
Blogtipping icon

Wise Bread is a team blog dedicated to sharing insights to help you live a savvy & fulfilling life without sacrificing your financial independence.   There’s so much to like about this site:
  1. The editors offer really diverse & relevant personal finance tips.
  2. They also include unexpected but very applicable lifestyle posts.
  3. Easy-peasy email link right at the top of the page.   (Amazing how many sites miss that.)
  • Tip: There doesn’t seem to be a list of editors or contributors, which might be nice.

The Presurfer is Dutch blogger Gerard Vlemmings’ ode to the weird, wild, wacky, & wonderful websites strewn across the Internet.
  1. I’ve been a fan of this blog for a few years now.   The interesting entries just keep rolling!
  2. Post topics range from useful to trivial, plain to bizarre, and just about everything in-between.
  3. Site navigation is a breeze!
  • Tip: Seems like none of the content prior to moving to Blogger this year made it over, which is a shame...

Things That ... Make You Go Hmm is TDavid’s blog offering reviews & commentary on technology, movies, music & more.   I’ve been following it for about a year now and this blog is true to its name because:
  1. Posts cover a wide variety of stuff like other sites, but always with a personal slant, not just generic linkdumps.
  2. New entries are added often and comments responded to quickly!
  3. Hmmcast!   TDavid boldly ventured into weekly videocasts this year.
  • Tip: I’d like to hear more about how the "no TV for almost a year" project is going.

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April Blogtipping

Monday, April 02, 2007

Hey, we’ve arrived at the first Monday of the month so it’s time for the next round of Blogtipping. You may recall from my March Blogtipping post that this was coined by Easton Ellsworth and is an opportunity to give three compliments & one useful tip to three fellow bloggers.   Now, I didn’t set out with "guy-stuff" in mind as the theme for April’s spotlight blogs but as I was assembling my props for the month, it just sort of evolved...Blogtipping icon

Dumb Little Man is Jay White’s collection of tips to make the everyday person more productive in life. What’s to like about his site?
  1. Jay & Mark post tips that are practical & relevant.
  2. New articles are posted often and categories make the content easy to navigate.
  3. You can subscribe to receive updates via email.
  • Tip: There doesn’t seem to be a way to email suggestions or contact the author directly.
Dethroner is Joel Johnson & Alex Colby’s head-on, two-fisted, & unflinching daily digest dedicated to men’s grooming, fashion, home life, & other toils of the modern man. What’s not to like?
  1. Useful or just plain entertaining content covering the gamut of guy stuff from TV shows to DIY projects to half-naked coffee baristas.
  2. They’ve even got manly discussion forums!
  3. Did I mention beer?
  • Tip: Some posts might make even The Duke choke up a little!   Rhino Egg Harvesting?
Toolmonger features tool reviews, commentary, news, & projects. You’ll find yourself returning to this blog because:
  1. Articles on a wide variety of stuff - not just the kinds of tools you’d find in your garage.

  2. New tool content & reviews are added continuously! (Thank goodness for RSS feeds!)
  3. I sent these guys email & they answered very quickly!
  • Tip: Needs more of those cool "'One Beer Projects" how-to articles!

As a bonus capper for this testosterone-fest, be sure to jet over to the Miller Lite "Man Laws" site to catch up on all of the latest unwritten guy rules decreed by Burt, Jimmy, & the other distinguished "Men of the Square Table."

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Our 3rd Blogiverssary

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

champagne cork popping Today marks another year of blogging for us. Even so, we still have trouble explaining to some exactly what "blogging" is. To paraphrase Chris Garrett, it may be best described as a mixture of writer, webmaster, diarist, & all sorts of other -ists. (And to be honest, here’s probably a little egotist in there, too.)

While our 2Dolphins domain will be 5 years old in August, this is the third anniversary of posting blog entries on our website. Hard to believe that another year has passed...

Dede & I hope you find something of interest here and we love feedback, so leave a comment, why doncha?


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Monday, March 05, 2007

Easton Ellsworth over at Business Blogwire proposed that the first Monday of each month be Blogtipping Day. What is Blogtipping, you ask? Blogtipping is where you say three nice things - & offer one simple tip - to three of your favorite bloggers. After all, everyone likes a little pat on ther back, right? And you never know, your little extra bit of attention might just be the tipping point for some little-known gem of a website to become an overnight sensation.Blogtipping icon

If you’ve read many of the posts here, you already know that Dede & I like to give credit where it’s due so we pepper our blog entries with lots of links. But this seemed like a great opportunity to do so in a more formal fashion, so, here are our Blogtippees for March 2007:, one of my favorite blogs, is penned by Joe Stirt, the world’s first treadmill-blogging anesthesiologist. What’s to like about his site?
  1. His posts cover the gamut - from mundane to marvelous.

  2. Joe’s writing style is uncommon & uncompromising.

  3. New entries are posted often and the site is easy to navigate.
  • Tip: Please post more info on your unconventional computer workspace setup!
TipNut, which offers tips on everything from homemade Febreeze recipes to preventing bad breath for your dog, is one of Dede’s faves because of:
  1. Practical tips that everyday, not-neccesarily-crafty people can use.

  2. Tips are well-categorized & easy to search for.

  3. The site features a perky color scheme & clean page layout.
  • Tip: This is a new site, so the only suggestion might be to hurry up & post more tips!
TreeHugger deserves some props for placing an emphasis on improving the world. While we’re a far cry from environmentalists in any sense, I admire (& am inspired by) these folks because of:
  1. In-depth articles that make it easy to take steps to "green up" your life.

  2. The wealth of interesting new blog entries that pour in continuously!

  3. Convenient navigation controls right at the top of each page.
  • Tip: The site’s main page is so packed that it can be a bit overwhelming.

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Major Award Winner

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Blog of the Day Awards Winner logoIt may not be quite as glamorous as The Old Man’s    leg lamp, but still, we’re "major award winners." The generous folks over at Blog of the Day Awards have bestowed upon our site the much-coveted award of the same name.


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Hacks Awe

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Years ago, the term "hacker" carried a connotation of a malicious meddler who attempts to gain unauthorized access to sensitive computer systems to steal, change, or destroy information as a form of cyber-terrorism.

But today, it’s come to mean something entirely different and much more flattering. Now a "hacker" is someone who enjoys the intellectual challenge of creatively overcoming or circumventing limitations — someone who makes things work beyond perceived limits through unconventional means or skills. And there’s a whole new social culture of hacking that’s emerged as a result of information-sharing via Internet-based communities.

Some of our favorite websites to visit are hack sites, where off-beat, sometimes-radical thinking folks put forth creative ideas to make everyday things work just a little bit better, easier, and/or cheaper. Here are just a few:

Lifehacker logo banner

Lifehacker makes getting things done easy & fun with simple tricks for managing your information & time. If you don’t already have this site bookmarked, well, do it now! logo banner

Danny O’Brien’s is a frequently-updated blog built around the theme of hacks, tips, & tricks that get things done quickly by automating, increasing productivity, & organizing.

Parents Hacks logo banner

Asha Dornfest’s Parent Hacks is a collaborative weblog that collects useful parenting tips, recommendations, workarounds, & other bits of wisdom. It’s the stuff that would’ve been left out of the instruction manual — if there were one to begin with.

ikea hacker logo banner

ikea hacker is a a nifty site that offers simple tips on repurposing, tweaking, & otherwise improving the cool stuff from Dede’s favorite store, IKEA.

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2000 Bloggers

Sunday, February 04, 2007

An industrious fellow named Tino Buntic has embarked on a project called 2000 Bloggers to amass kind of a random sampling (& visual representation) of the blogosphere. I was amoung the first few hundred who submitted their sites for approval and was lucky enough to get in on it. Look hard enough and you’ll spot my handsome mug in the list.


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Blogs in the Hood

Monday, January 29, 2007

Recently, I began looking around the virtual neighborhood and was pleasantly surprised to find that there are many more blogs in the Midland-Odessa area than I had previously thought. And the ranks seem to be growing steadily. You can click here to view a blogroll of other Permian Basin sites or just select the "Favorite Sites" tab above.

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Adoption Journal Finally Online

Sunday, January 14, 2007

We've added a new menu tab along the top of our site for Our Adoption Journal. This is a project that I've had in the works for quite awhile to document our Russian adoption journey. I finally got it caught up this morning & ready to share with everyone.

Be sure to check out the "Resources" page for lots of links to useful adoption & parenting websites, books, & other info that we've gathered.

Our plan is to use the journal to keep everyone up to date with what's going on with our adoption preparation and also update it while in Russia instead of sending out tons of emails.

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Nat'l Delurking Week

National Delurking Week

In Web lingo, a lurker is someone who reads message boards, newsgroups, or blogs, but rarely participates. Lurking is a serious problem throughout the Internets. Thanks to Lea over at Quick Serve Kids, however, I discovered that there may yet be hope.

To address this crisis, Sheryl over at Paper Napkin boldly declared the 2nd week of January to be "National Delurking Week." Okay, sure, this is the last day so I'm a little late to the party, but it seemed like a good bandwagon to jump on. After all, I'm not above a little shameless self-promotion.

According to the colorful little pie charts & graphs, our webstats say that people actully do occasionally visit 2Dolphins but don't often post any comments. C'mon now, you know who you are. As Sheryl says, "If you don't leave a comment, you're letting the terrorists win."

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Back on!

Friday, January 05, 2007

We're hanging with the Peeps again!

A few weeks ago, I mentioned that we had finally made it into the listing over on a few weeks ago. is a blog aggregator where sites stay on their list by gaining popularity when visitors click the thumbnail icon on their page or a referral link, like this one. Sadly, although we managed to stay on the page for 14 days — and generated nearly 200 clicks — our popularity faded and our link fell off into the Internet bit bucket.

But now we've made it back on the list! So, please lend us a hand to stay there for a little while. Just look for our stylish 2Dolphins logo and kindly do the mouse clicky thing!

And you never know what other cool sites you'll discover while you're over there...


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Hanging With the Peeps

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Hey, we've finally been listed over on, which is another interesting blog aggregator similar to FortyFaces that I blogged about before.

The biggest difference with is that sites only stay on their list by gaining popularity when visitors click this referral link or click on our stylish logo on the site. So, please go do your clicky thing & lend us a hand!


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We've Been Hacked!

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

We’ve been hacked!   Well, okay, Parent Hacked, that is.   They’ve posted an entry about a DIY art project for a kid’s room that Dede & I submitted recently.

Parent Hacks logo

Asha Dornfest’s Parent Hacks is a collaborative collection of clever tips, recommendations, workarounds, & bits of wisdom — i.e. hacks.   This isn’t stuffy expert advice but rather it’s a weblog that features practical "this worked for me" style tweaks, tricks, & ingenious solutions to everyday parenting problems or situations.   Or in other words, it’s Lifehacker for parents.


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Nuts about Southwest

Saturday, April 29, 2006

We're nuts about Southwest Airlines

As mentioned before, we're big supporters of Southwest Airlines. They get ya there on time, with your bags, and for a fare that's often far, far less than their competitors. Sometimes they'll even sing you a song while you're waiting to arrive at the gate! And now there's another reason to love 'em...

Southwest Airlines has launched their own blog called Nuts about Southwest, which is all Southwest's employees, customers, airplanes, & airports:
"Our goal is for this blog to go beyond the facts and numbers to give you insight into our fantastic Employees — what motivates them, how they do their jobs, and a look into the way they serve you, our Customers."


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Our 2nd Blogiverssary

Monday, March 13, 2006

champagne cork popping

Today marks the second anniversary of our blogging here on 2Dolphins.   It’s hard to believe another year has passed...   While we certainly weren’t on the leading edge of the blogging fad, we did jump in at a pivotal point — blogging has gone mainstream in a big way over the course of the past couple of years.

Blog search sites like Technorati, BlogPulse, IceRocket Blog Search, and Google's still-in-beta Blogsearch have surfaced to make finding specific blog content a breeze.   And blog aggregator sites like FortyFaces and Megite have also opened doors to blogs that you might otherwise have never stumbled across.

Anyway, Dede & I continue to be thankful for all of you who visit our site and we hope you find some of our posts interesting or entertaining.   We love feedback, so leave us a comment, why doncha?


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FortyFaces: The Face of Blogging

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

We've joined the ranks over at Phillip Lenssen's ingenious FortyFaces site. Whenever one of the currently 206 registered bloggers posts, his (or her) face is displayed on the site. This is a unique way of putting a more personal face (pun intended) on a blog. And it groups together websites that you might otherwise never have stumbled across because they really have nothing else in common other than recent activity and pithy commentary.

(Note that if you've navigated here via FortyFaces, you're probably only hitting the blog content page, so click here to see in all it's "framed" splendor.)

FortyFaces: The Face of Blogging


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J-Walk Blog Link Experiment

Monday, August 15, 2005

Cue the mad scientist's gurgling lab beaker sound effect!

This post is part of an experiment (Cue the mad scientist's gurgling lab beaker sound effects!) that John Walkenbach is conducting to find every site that links to his post:

One thing that nearly all bloggers have in common is that they like to know when another blog links to them. Using a variety of sources, I think I have a pretty good handle on finding other blogs that link to J-Walk Blog. In fact, I think I find about 90% of them -- but I may be wrong. This is an experiment to see how "findable" blog references are. Put me to the the test, fellow bloggers.
I've referenced John's blog here several times before and consider it a must-read. He's always coming up with interesting links and thought-provoking topics. And this may also serve as a means of getting the 2Dolphins blog noticed by a few more people, so its all good.


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Sunday, August 07, 2005

Technorati is the authority on what's going on in the world of weblogs

I just finished joining Technorati, which is a search engine focused on the world of blogs, indexing over 14 million weblogs to bring you the latest buzz on the Internet.

If you're still a little confused about blogs, you can think of a blog (short for "weblog") as a sort of personal journal or diary-style website. Kinda like the one you're reading right now.

Here's my Technorati Profile.

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A Little Courtesy

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Ralph Waldo Emerson said, "Life be not so short but that there is always time for courtesy."

But I've been remiss. Heather S. has been very supportive of our blog and yet I haven't posted a reciprocal link over to her personal diary-style weblog, Blog, Blah, Blah. It's not that I didn't mean to do so already - in fact, I thought I had - but well, I just forgot. And that just ain't right. So go check out Heather's blog!


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Our 1st Blogiverssary

Sunday, March 13, 2005

champagne cork popping

March 13th is an anniversary of sorts. Y’see, it’s been a year today since we created the portion of 2Dolphins that you're reading right now — our blog — which was an extension of our original Dede’s Diary page. (What a nostalgic blast from the past, eh?)

Lately it’s dawned on Dede & me that some people don’t really get what we’re talking about when we refer to our "blog." What is a blog and where’d that funky word come from anyway?

Well, according to the Wikipedia definition, a blog, short for "weblog," is a website which contains periodic, usually reverse chronologically-ordered posts on a common webpage. In other words, a blog is a like a journal. The content & purposes of blogs varies greatly—from links & commentary about other web sites; to news about a company, person, or idea; to diaries; photos; poetry; mini-essays; project updates; or whatever!

Blogging has, in some cases, recently evolved into a legitimate & quite powerful form of citizen journalism with a considerable degree of influence. This seems especially true with political commentary blogs like Matt Drudge’s The Drudge Retort or Joshua Micah Marshall’s Talking Points Memo. These more serious-minded bloggers challenge the traditional institution of journalism with their finger-on-the-pulse insights & lightning-quick postings and, as a result of this, there’s been lots of debate raging on Who Is a Journalist?

Anyway, we certainly don’t claim to be journalists, but we’re thankful for the opportunity to share these little tidbits. We hope that you find some of our blog postings and other content here interesting or entertaining and we’d certainly appreciate feedback. Take a moment and leave a comment, why doncha?


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We've Been Presurfed!

Monday, February 21, 2005

I sent Gerard Vlemmings over at The Presurfer some info about the Stonehenge replica that's been built in Odessa on the University of Texas of the Permian Basin campus. Lo & behold, Gerard was kind enough to link back to 2Dolphins when he blogged about this earlier today. The Presurfer is an excellent and frequently-updated blog site that I visit several times a week, so you can imagine how excited I was to see our site listed there.

Okay, okay, I know this thing's been up for over half a year now, but in case you haven't seen it, you can click here for some cool aerial photos of the UTPB Stonehenge or here for a brief article from the Odessa American about the structure.

Odessa's Stonehenge on the U.T.P.B. Campus


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Say It With Pecs

Sunday, March 14, 2004

Sometimes you've got an important message that needs a more advanced delivery system than just some silly Post-It note. Chris Perrillo is a nipple pimp and, well,... that's okay by me.


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