Liam’s Bedroom

We had just reworked our guest bedroom back in Spring 2003, but once we began our international adoption process in October ’05, we knew that more than a few things would have to change in order to transform the space into a child’s room...

We decided that the Ralph Lauren California Poppy paint color was gender neutral enough and we both still loved how it casts the room in such a sunny glow each morning.

The next 2 pictures show off his wall murals. Rob put together the little table and chairs set we bought from Ikea & Nanny Karen stained & sealed them.

wall mural monkey

Dede also painted his name on the license plate of the jeep.

wall mural jeep

The medusa lamp was the first to go after Liam was home. One good pull on that pole and it toppled over and those glass globes were a goner.

We started with a baby bed in the room and in August 2009 he moved up into a "big boy" bed. We debated on getting a full size or twin bed and decided that for space sake, the twin was a better option. To prevent him from rolling off the bed, we put swim noodles under the fitted sheet to form bumpers on each side of the bed.

We purchased a ready-to-assemble headboard and here’s the completed bed with headboard, noodles and bedskirt all in place:

twin-size bed

Here’s some cubicle storage shelves with colored cloth cubes to contain Liam’s assortment of smaller toys such as balls, cars, etc.

room cubes

The last picture is of a shelf that Rob re-painted and glued on jungle animals.   The teddy bear is from a door prize that I won at a parenting class we attended at the beginning of our journey in 2006.   The Russian "onion dome" cut-outs are compliments of my hair dresser (they were part of a nail polish display).


Many more photos to come soon!   Watch this page for updates!

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