Living Room Makeover

This project actually started back in August 2003 when we decided to upgrade our surround sound system.   We had already been thinking about repainting the teal-colored accent wall in the living room to coordinate better with our new kitchen color scheme.   So it seemed like a good time to do that when Clemens was helping to install the new speakers...

New home theater system - ready for install!

New home theater system

Clems shows off his handiwork

Clemens wiring up new speakers

These tiny speakers rock!   Very clean install, Clems!

The new speakers rock!

Dede convinced Clems to paint in the cramped quarters behind the entertainment center but quickly discovered that he does a better job on trim details freehanded that we could with our edging tool!   Here’s Clems showing his clear mastery of detail painting.

Clemens demos his paint mastery

Clems & Rob finished covering the accent wall color then went to work painting the other walls & ceiling with a fresh coat of white.

Rob likes to paint


Smell that fresh paint?

...or so we thought!

Fast forward to March 2003, when Dede fell in love with a sectional.   We’d been kicking around the idea of replacing the existing - and kinda dated - navy & mauve sofa / loveseat / chair combo and then we stumbled across a perfect fit for a very reasonable price at a new store in town.

In the midst of this, Topper convinced us that accent wall looked so good that the other walls cried out to be painted too.   So we put our old furniture up for sale and headed back to Home Depot for more Ralph Lauren "Khaki" paint...

Before (Left)

Before (Right)

Rob painted the trim in high-gloss pure white to "pop" off of the khaki and, of course, the room looked great!   Never knowing when to call it good enough, we decided to splurge on some plush new carpet.   Since the living room doesn’t join into another other carpeted room, we could get away with just re-flooring this one room right now...

4/17 - So it’s out with the old...

Old carpet tearout

...and in with the new!

All done with paint & carpeting!

The new carpet is comfy for bare feets

4/18 - We hung the new tab-top curtains!

New curtains rule!

Gotta love the "disco ball" curtain holdbacks!


What our new sofa should look like (except reversed & longer) if it ever arrives!

Catalog pic of new sectional

And here’s the real thing - minus the chaise that had to be re-ordered...

Sectional minus the chaise

The chaise arrived and looks great!

The whole sectional

Another shot of the chaise...

Dede's Throne

Dede came up with an idea to add some distinctive ambience to the living room.   With a some timely help from Rich (and Lowe’s in Columbus, MS), we gathered enough of these accent light canisters to get busy...

Accent light canister

And here’s the end result!

Behold the ambience!

Updated decor - Sept. 2004

Dede picked out some throw pillows to introduce our new burnt orange accent color:

New Asian-influenced artwork for the back walls...

...and Dede’s prized autographed photo of His Holiness, the Dalai Lama!

Phot of Dala Lama

We also put up a little shelving for knick-knacks.

Knick-knacks in the living room

Then just after Memorial Day ’06, our television died.   After lots of hand-wringing, research, & budgeting, we took the plunge and splurged on a new 42" Panasonic HD TV!   The new TV wouldn't fit in the old entertainment center cabinet, so Rob & Trey dismantled the top and reused the bottom section like a credenza.   Almost looks like it was made just for this purpose!

Rob's Panasonic HDTV

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