Liam’s 7th Birthday

We celebrated Liam’s highly-anticipated 7th birthday this year by doing something different and having his birthday party at a private gymnastics facility. We thought it was an original idea but now it seems like everyone else is doing the same thing this year. It’s a welcome relief from the jumper/arcade/pizza parties and I sure do prefer the private parties to being mixed in with the crowds at the public facilities.

Liam’s chosen theme for this year’s party was Batman, which made it pretty easy for us to put together. Instead of the traditional 1/2 sheet cake, we did a cupcake cake (a bunch of cupcakes iced together to look like a cake). I made the mistake of not asking what color the icing was going to be so we ended up with lots of blue faces at the end of the party. Note to self: only do white icing from now on!

The kids (and a few of the adults) had lots of fun jumping on the trampolines, walking the balance beams and tumbling on the mats. It’s definitely something I would do again!

I can’t believe my baby is now 7 years old. The last 5 years have just flown by so quickly that I know I’m going to wake up one of these days with a teenager on my hands and I’m just not ready for that! Until then, here is my sweet baby boy having fun at his birthday party.

Liam jumping off of the balance beam
Liam on a trampoline
Batman cupcake cake

Liam’s 6th Birthday

Our baby boy turned 6 years old Saturday. I can’t believe how fast he’s growing up!

The theme of this year’s party was Finn McMissile / Secret Agent. It was a pretty easy theme to work with: Cars 2 and spy stuff. We took a risk and booked a pavilion at Liam’s favorite park for the party. Thankfully, the weather cooperated and the plans went as scheduled.

The main activity we lined out was for each of the kids to build their own marshmallow blaster (a.k.a. the RoboBlaster® — thanks Dave!). Per Bob Schmidt’s instructional video, Rob cut the ½" PVC pipe into the various lengths needed and Liam helped sand the burrs off of the cut edges, then we made Ziplock bag kits that included a homemade assembly diagram. The kids & parents assembled them at the party, then we passed out bags of ammo (mini-marshmallows) to all the kids and turned them loose. The kids had a blast (rimshot!) playing with them and it made a nice party favor for each of them to take home.

Below is a video slideshow of some of the party highlights and I think you’ll agree from the kid’s faces that the party was a big success. I know we had one happy, exhausted boy when we got home!

G-Ma Turns 82

Today is my Mom’s 82nd birthday.  We celebrated with her yesterday by taking some cupcakes to the nursing home and it’s a good thing we brought extras!  Once the singing started some of the other residents decided to join in the birthday festivities.  One man got a little upset when he thought there were no more cupcakes and he was going to get left out.  He calmed down though once we got a cupcake for him.

Mom didn’t remember that it was her birthday but sure was excited when Liam gave her a gift and a hug.

It made me happy to see Mom in such good spirits.  We had a good visit and lots of fun singing and talking with the other ladies that sat at the table with us.  It’s always sad to go visit her in the nursing home but she seems content and is getting good care.

I’m not sure what the face she is making in the picture below is all about, but she had green icing all over her face by the time that cupcake was finished.  The other lady in the photo licked all the icing off her cupcake and then gave it back to me.  😉

Here are a couple of videos from the party:

I love Annie’s response in the next video:

Happy Birthday Mom, we love you!