New Year, New Car

Rob predicted last month that .   And even before that, he hinted several months ago, that a big car change was afoot.

Still, its come as a huge shock to nearly everyone who knows me, that the Caliente era is coming to a close.   My beloved Volkswagen New Beetle Convertible was a fantastic, fun car for two, but not at all a good fit for three.   So, a couple of weeks ago we said "Hello" to our new, comfy, more family-oriented car (dubbed Rocket by Liam).

2010 Honda CR-V

Its a bit bittersweet, of course, knowing that this means a very sad "Goodbye" to my sweet little Cali, who sits dejected on the curb with a forlorn "For Sale" perched in her windshield.   (Call me for a price on an award-winning, sporty, fun, little car!)

Is this the first of more big changes to come in 2010?   Oh yes!   Stay tuned…

End of An Era?

Dede decided it was finally time to let the personalized "CALI N T" license plates on Caliente go.   (It was always a lot of fun to watch people read that plate, scratch their heads a bit, and then see the meaning finally dawn on ’em!)

Is this a foreshadowing of other, bigger changes to come?   Time will tell…

replacing license plates of Dede's car

"Every new beginning, comes from some other beginning’s end."

– from Closing Time by Semisonic

A Weekend of Fun

Top 5 TrophyIt was another fun year at the 8th annual Roswell R2k New Beetle Car Show this past weekend.   We met up with some of our old friends from past years and made some new ones.   It was great seeing everyone again and checking out all the bugs that entered in the show.

There was a group of Volkswagen New Beetles that started in Chicago and did a Route 66 caravan to the show and are continuing on this week to end the route in California.   Thanks to Antoine, I got a copy of all the photos the crew had taken from Chicago to Roswell and it looks like to have been a great trip.   I wished we could’ve taken time off to join in on the fun!

Top 5 trophies for each New Beetle car class were given out at the show and Caliente scored Top 5 in the Convertible class.   Yeah!   There were 2 New Beetles that I hadn’t seen before that quickly became my favorites of this year’s show.   One was The Great Pumpkin and the other was Fastball, the Cracker Jack Baseball car.   The Parade down Main Street followed the awards ceremony and, as always, we had fun throwing out candy to the kids along the street.

Click here to see all the pictures from the Roswell R2kv8 New Beetle Car Show.

Roswell or Bust – Again!

Roswell or BustOnce again, we’re prepped, loaded, & on the road to the 8th Annual Roswell R2k New Beetle Car Show in Roswell, New Mexico.   Although the competition gets stiffer each year, we’re hopeful that Caliente will fare well — maybe even score another trophy — thanks in part to Cali’s newly-painted brake calipers and some new chili-pepper themed decorations.

As with the previous years’ R2k shows, we’re especially excited about the "Parade of Colors" that’s held after the car show on Saturday afternoon.   We’ve bought several pounds of candy to throw to the kids watching the parade — they always get a huge kick out of seeing all of the decorated VW New Beetles cruising down Roswell’s Main Street.

Cali Gets a Pedi

It was a big night for Caliente;   she finally got her long overdue pedi. We’ve been talking for a couple of years about wanting to paint the brake calipers but were afraid to tackle the project alone.   Thanks to Trey (a.k.a. T-Dawg), tonight it finally happened.

It took T-Dawg & Rob about 2 hours from start to finish.   Not bad at all!   I was on-hand as the project manager & official photographer.   I trusted them with my baby and, I must say, the boyz did an awesome job!

Here’s a picture of the guys gearing up to start.   Click here to see the rest of the photos.

Rob & Trey prepare to paint Caliente's brake calipers

Cali’s 15 Minutes of Fame

Caliente logo

Remember the Andy Warhol quote, “In the future, everyone will be famous for 15 minutes?”
Well, I guess it's Caliente's turn to have a few fleeting moments of celebrity…

Although I saw the Hot VWs magazine crew taking photos, & interviewing owners at the Roswell 2k New Beetle Car Show back in June of '06, I never suspected that we were noteworthy enough to be featured.   But sure enough, we've made it into the February issue!

Click here to download a PDF copy (18MB) of Hot VWs' article on R2k06.
     Note: You may need to install Adobe Reader to view this file.

Caliente Meets the Alien’s Approval!

Caliente's TrophyWe’ve returned from the R2K v7 New Beetle car show with yet another unexpected win.   This time, instead of categorizing the New Beetles by year, David divided the cars up into 4 classes and awarded trophies to the top 5 in each.   Caliente made me proud (again) by taking home the Best Convertible trophy!

It was another fun trip!   We saw lots of our old friends and made several new ones.   Volkswagen reps were on-hand to show off their new EOS hardtop convertible car that’ll be released later this year and pass out all kinds of free goodies like t-shirts, keychains, & custom dog tags.   This year’s guest of honor was Barry Meguiar, the chipper host of Speed Channel’s Car Crazy TV show and CEO of Meguiar’s Inc. — makers of lots of the car care stuff that keeps Cali looking so good!

Click here to view photos of the show!

Third Time’s a Charm!

We’ve returned from our 3rd Texas New Beetle Roundup – the largest annual Volkswagen New Beetle gathering in Texas. I am happy to report that Caliente won 3rd Place in the Stock Class this year. In spite of the rain — which certainly made displaying cars (much less a convertible) something of a challenge — there was a good turnout for the show. It was great to see all of the familiar faces again and we’re looking forward to seeing many of them again in Roswell in June.

Click here to view photos