Camp Arcadia

We just returned from a weeklong vacation in Arcadia, Michigan. The majority of our time was spent at Camp Arcadia. Even though we didn’t actually get to stay at the camp (there are a limited number of rooms and it’s a lottery system), we were fortunate enough to get to spend our days there. The camp sits on the waterfront of Lake Michigan and is just beautiful. There are daily activities for the kids and lots of adult activities as well (i.e. wine and beer tasting events)! There are nature walks through woodlands, people bicycling everywhere, and the cool summer climate can’t be beat (think: San Diego on a budget).

Thanks to my good friend Gretchen’s hospitality, we stayed about 2 blocks from the camp at her Mother’s cottage along with some of her family. The cottage was a hub of activity with people arriving from all corners; Gretchen came in from Bangkok, others came from Chicago, St. Louis, Eastern Michigan, Texas and there was even an Aussie in the house! All the kids were piled up in one room and Liam finally fulfilled his dream of having a sleepover and sacking out in the top of a bunk bed.

Gretchen graciously allowed us to tag along on her daughter’s annual fishing charter trip. We caught the boat at 5:30 AM and watched the sun rise over the lake with our hooks already in the water. I’m definitely not a morning person but the sunrise was beautiful and worth losing my beauty sleep for. The kids loved reeling in the fish and my biggest kid enjoyed it too!

The sunsets reflecting over Lake Michigan sure give our West Texas sunsets a run for the money. I could sit by the water and watch those every night and never tire of them. I had to keep reminding myself that in just a few months winter would descend and the lake would be iced over.

Click on the image below if you would like to see some of the photo highlights of our trip.