The Peanut is Back!

The peanut a.k.a. TiVo remote

March is National Peanut Month and tho we’re big fans of the lowly legume (not to mention Snoopy’s gang!), we’re celebrating an entirely different kind of peanut just now…

Nicknamed “peanut” by its adoring fans, the iconic peanut-shaped TiVo remote control is once again gracing our home. And we couldn’t be happier!

We’ve always insisted that TiVo was light years beyond all other cable company DVRs. No other cable box I’ve seen has a channel guide that’s as comprehensive and up-to-date. The WishList and Season Pass features are revolutionary! And of course, you can remotely schedule recordings online. And we had all of that with our original TiVo nearly 7 years ago!

So when our cable / internet / phone service provider Grande Communications began offering the TiVo Premiere DVR to Midland/Odessa customers a few weeks ago, we immediately jumped on board. I’m happy to say that this new TiVo goes to 11 with super sharp HD, multi-room viewing, even smarter predictive recordings, and boatloads more on-demand content than we could access on our old Motorola DVR. You can even remotely schedule and control your box(es) via smartphone app!

TiVo = TV Survival

TiVo logoWhat more appropriate time could there be for buying a TiVo than right now so you’ll be able to record those upcoming Survivor:Palau episodes? You can get the 40-hour Series 2 model for an additional $30 off of the normal $99 at Add a network adapter to your new TiVo and you can view photos and even stream MP3 music files off of your home PC and play them thru your living room sound system. Just doesn’t get much more cool than that! Don’t forget to give us a referral if you sign up for the TiVo service! We’d sure appreciate it!

Already have a TiVo and just can’t get enough of those funky sounds? Thanks to Sean Burke, you can download the TiVo Sounds and use them on your PC.

TiVo At Last!

I’ve been wanting TiVo for well over a year now but the problem was that I didn’t know anyone personally that had TiVo who could answer specifics regarding what it could and/or could not do. That all changed Friday when one of my co-workers (thanks Scott!) filled me in on what a “life change” it has been for him. So, I did some research last night at the TiVo website and found out they have a $100 rebate special going on. I took that as an omen and we headed once again to our favorite adult candy store, Best Buy to take the plunge.

Rob & I just finished the simple hookup and TiVo is now in the process of downloading and updating itself with the current TV listings—a process that takes about 6 hours the first time! Even though we can’t record anything until the initial update finishes, we’re able to replay live TV and that is way cool!

We also purchased a Linksys wireless USB network adapter (Linksys rules!) to connect TiVo to our home network. The network setup was a snap and this will allow us to play MP3 music and view photos from our PCs on the TV. I can’t wait to test that out!

Can you spot the hidden surprise?

Update:   Can’t get enough of the fun, iconic TiVo sounds? Thanks to Sean Burke, you can find ’em here.