The Veranda (& Back Yard)

Dede had been wanting to cover the patio for several years and once we got Liam home, we found ourselves spending quite a bit more time outside in the back yard, so this became much more of a priority.   We were going to have to get the shingles replaced due to hail & high-wind damage, so it seemed like a good time to add a roof onto the patio.

Here’s the uncovered patio before...

Our back patio

The patio set was comfy & snazzy-looking when we originally bought it in ’02, but the blistering sun & weather eventually took a major toll on the cushions...

Patio furniture

Our trusty contractor Truett started work on the patio cover and progressed quickly!   Here’s what we came home to at the end of the first day:

new patio cover

And the pace continued to impress on day 2:

new patio cover

Done!   And now with a roof, our patio is more accurately called a veranda.
And doesn’t that just sound so much cooler anyway?

new patio cover

We got our trusty pal Pete Cortez to restuff & reupholster the weather-beaten old chair & swing cushions in some even snazzier, palm leaf fabric:

reupholstered patio furniture

reupholstered swing cushion

And note the breezy ceiling fan that keeps the veranda cool...

patio ceiling fan

Here’s a glance at the southwest corner of the back yard featuring our Arizona Ash tree that has nearly tripled in size since we planted it about 8 years ago:

Our back yard

Rob & Liam working hard at keeping the grass neatly mowed & trimmed.

Rob & Liam mowing the back yard

...and the storage building with a fairly fresh coat of paint

metal storage building

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